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Final review of CONCERTO project

30, Jun, 2016

The final review of the CONCERTO project took take place in Brussels in the end of June. CONCERTO addressed the important challenge of simplifying and accelerating the design and development phase of the next-generation of mission-critical applications. The project is especially relevant in the context of constantly increasing complexity of functionalities to be implemented and the platforms on which they are deployed. CONCERTO proposes an integrated framework build around a component-based design approach following a model-driven development policy. It addresses all aspects of the system development lifecycle from application modelling to code generation. It incorporates runtime monitoring and verification features together with dependability and schedulability analysis tools. Several domain specific features have also been integrated for the avionics, automotive, petroleum and medical domains.

CISTER has been one of the first class contributors, leading the run-time monitoring and verification task and co-leading the task addressing the analysis of multicore systems. CISTER also largely contributed to tasks addressing domain specific needs for space, avionics, telecom and automotive. In Brussels, CISTER presented its numerous contributions in front of the european commission, which notably includes tools for schedulability and response time analysis of multicore systems, an Eclipse plugin for the automatic configuration of avionics system in an ARINC-653 compliant manner, a tool for response time analysis of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) systems, a run-time monitoring and verification library for systems written in Ada, a completely instrumented version of the ORK+ micro-kernel integrated in the GNAT cross-compiler for Leon 2/3 and an Eclipse plugin for treatment and back-propagation to application model of data monitored after application deployment.


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