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This is the home page for the EMSIG Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems. EMSIG is the follow-up organization of the ArtistDesign network of excellence. Comprehensive information about embedded systems is available on the ArtistDesign web site.

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EMSIG runs a journal: EMSIG is in charge of appointing the editorial board of LITES (Leibniz Transactions on Embedded Systems).

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Examples of Embedded Systems

Our work on embedded systems deals with software which is integrated into technical products such as


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Send your e-mail to announcements@lists.artist-embedded.org. Mails must be related to embedded and/or cyber-physical systems. We retain the right to refuse mails without specifying reasons. The sender of the mail is responsible for its content. Emsig cannot be held liable for any consequence of distributing mails. The mailing list is maintained by Susanne Graf, IMAG, France.

Note: the previous EMSIG home page www.emsig.embedded-systems-portal.org is no longer in use. Any reference to this portal is outdated.

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EMSIG is a project of the European Design Automation Association.

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