Seminar Series 2014 - Hazem Ali

Seminar Series 2014 - Hazem Ali

Extracting Real-Time Parameters for Generalized Cyclic Dataflow Application Graphs
18, Mar, 2014 11:30-12:30 (1 hour)
CISTER Building (ISEP/IPP), Porto, Portugal

Many embedded multi-core systems incorporate both dataflow applications with timing constraints and traditional real-time applications. Applying real-time scheduling techniques on such systems provides real-time guaranties that all running applications will execute safely without violating their deadlines. However, to apply traditional real-time scheduling techniques on such mixed systems, a unified model to represent both types of applications running on the system is required. Several earlier works have addressed this problem, although their proposed solutions are restricted to dataflow applications represented as acyclic or simple pipeline applications. In this paper, we present an algorithm for extracting the realtime parameters (offsets, deadlines and periods) of dataflow applications. The proposed algorithm 1) enables applying traditional real-time analysis techniques on any type of (cyclic or acyclic) dataflow applications, 2) captures overlapping iterations, which is a main characteristic of the execution of dataflow applications and 3) provides a method to assign individual deadlines for real-time dataflow actors, supporting two deadline assignment techniques (NORM/PURE) that are widely used in the literature. The paper proves the correctness of the proposed algorithm through formal proofs and evaluates the approach on actual benchmark applications.

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Seminar Series 2014 - Hazem Ali
Seminar Series 2014 - Hazem Ali