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5, Jun, 2015

CISTER Researchers Luis Lino Ferreira, Geoffrey Nelissen, Eduardo Tovar and Luis Miguel Pinho participated in the 2015 Artemis/ITEA Co-summit held in Berlin. They were representing CISTER as members of several ongoing and finalized European projects, namely: EMC2, CONCERTO, Arrowhead, ENCOURAGE, CarCode and P-SOCRATES.

The Co-summit 2015 organized by ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking on embedded systems and ITEA, the EUREKA Cluster on software-intensive systems and services – counted about 700 participants from industry, academia, public authorities and press from all over Europe. This year's theme was: Smart Industry: Impact of Software Innovation.

During this event, Eduardo Tovar participated in the Artemis General Assembly and the election for the Artemis Steering Board as a candidate. Luis Miguel Pinho was invited to present a talk in the Speakers Corner on Mixed Criticality related to the actual status of the CISTER-lead European project P-SOCRATES. Geoffrey Nelissen represented CISTER in the CONCERTO booth and Luis Lino Ferreira was also representing CISTER in the CarCode and Arrowhead booths.
Finally, Luis Miguel Pinho and Luis Lino Ferreira, together with the ENCOURAGE project leader Arne Skou, received the achievement award for the successful finalization of the ENCOURAGE project.


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